HI FLY CATERING For TrainDaVinci Event in Miami !

Another exciting event has recently concluded, in which we participated alongside other members of the European Catering Association.

It was a thrilling gathering that allowed us to connect with new people and receive updates on the world of catering and aviation.

Numerous innovations have emerged, and we want to summarize them in three key points:

🚀Exciting news: our ceo Mauro Benincasa is one of the CCREW Exchange Standing Team Members.

Cheers to new heights and collaborative success.

🎉 Celebrating vibrant days on January 30 and 31 2024, alongside European Catering Association members Carlos Aviation Catering Network and Upper Sky Gourmet, we delved into the latest aviation trends, engaged in fantastic workshops, and ignited innovative ideas.

🛫 Networking Magic: We’ve had further proof that, in the private aviation industry, networking is the key to success and continuous inspiration🛫

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates from the world of Hi Fly Catering!

About us

An international leader in catering for private jets, Hi Fly Catering can make every flight a unique experience. No request is impossible for a service going beyond catering, which responds to any concierge needs. For business or leisure trips, private flights with Hi Fly service combine the comfort of luxury trips with the opportunity to enjoy culinary delights having the quality of the finest restaurants. For all the details, please do not hesitate to contact us ibiza@hiflycatering.com

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