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The first to believe in the private jet catering business. Hi Fly Catering was founded in 1999. At the helm is Mauro Benincasa, who was the first to develop a structure in Italy capable of providing a totally personalized service on private flights. 

"Everything happened almost by chance, when an associate of mine, who had a private jet rental service, had the need to offer some of his clients a higher quality catering proposal. - Mauro Benincasa explains - We then began to offer a service of dishes prepared by important Chefs, such as Ernst Knam, but we were not yet able to offer a highly personalized service, as requested by our customers." 


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The Choice of Distinguished Personalities Worldwide

This was the starting point of Mr. Benincasa's intuition, who after just one year from the opening of Hi Fly Catering developed a more extensive business, eventually opening his own production laboratory in 2005.

"In over 20 years of work we have focused on constant research and innovation, starting from sustainability and a production cycle, which allows us to prepare in a matter of hours, not only different menus for all flights, but even for each passenger".

Since then, specialization and business have grown exponentially so that this brand is among the most important catering for private jets internationally, chosen by movie stars, distinguished business personalities of the world of economics, CEOs and Founders of multinational corporations from around the world, Heads of State and Royal families.

Approximately 20 thousand jet set personalities a year choose Hi Fly Catering to accompany their trips with tasty preparations and a speed that is definitely out of the ordinary for any company in the sector. Hi Fly Catering's innovation and research is also developed in the choice of in-flight service, again among the first to select stackable packaging, designed to limit the space in the plane, with transparent and environmentally sustainable lids.

Concierge Service

Much more than a catering, a true concierge service. Hi Fly Catering takes care of its customers in a tailor-made way, satisfying the most unusual requests, starting from finding bedding for the night, to books, beauty creams, medicines and anything else that can make their clients' trip unique.

Currently, Hi Fly Catering's services are mainly present in northern Italy, from Linate (headquarter), Malpensa, Bergamo, Brescia, Verona, Rimini, Genoa, Turin, Cuneo, Piacenza, Pisa and Florence airports. Privileged partners for handling special requests on board private flights include Sadler, Nobu, Knam, Seta Mandarin Hotel, Peck, Calvisius, Eataly and Giardino di Giada.

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